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Key Innovation Questions for Leaders

Some dimensions of innovation performance can only be changed by leaders. This is a comprehensive checklist that every leader should be continually reviewing to ensure maximum performance is being achieved.

More innovation leadership resources can be found inside Be Less Zombie  particularly in chapters 1-13 & 42-50.

Assumption Tracker

Many new ideas fail because of crucial hidden assumptions that turn out to be wrong. Use this template to identify assumptions early.

More resources can be found in Chapter 28 of Be Less Zombie

Innovation Health Check Questions

How well equipped is your organisation to deliver the

innovation performance that it needs? Use this health check document to find out.

Chapter 44 of Be Less Zombie provides further advice on how to diagnose your innovation health.

Innovation Project Charter Template

Typical project plans can struggle with the ambiguity of innovation. Adapt this template to suit your specific needs.

More resources can be found in Chapter 18 of Be Less Zombie

Innovation Capability Resources

Building employee innovation capabilities needs a dedicated approach (see Chapter 33 of Be Less Zombie).


Get in touch if you'd like to discuss creating a bespoke programme for your organisation. In the meantime, here are two great tool resources to trawl:

Catalytic Questions

Better questions spark better ideas. "Catalytic Questions" are designed to break through the status quo mindset and provoke game-changing ideas.

This sample of questions supports Chapter 19 of Be Less Zombie

Quick-Start Strategy Workshop

Ideally an innovation strategy is closely aligned with corporate strategy. But many organisations don't actually have a strategy, just a 12-month plan.


If that's you and your leaders have a limited appetite for a long strategy development process, use this workshop outline as a staging post. It is an excerpt from Be Less Zombie (Chapter 13) that walks through the key stages of developing a basic strategic view of where the company needs to go next and what it will take.

It'll give you enough of a framework to start aligning innovation efforts with a view of the future, and hopefully spark an appetite for some deeper strategic thinking amongst leaders.


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